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An impartial view.

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Cake Dude
Friends of [CU]
Friends of [CU]


Joined: 22 Jul 2012
Posts: 2
Localisation: UK

PostPosted: Tue 18 Sep - 00:00 (2012)    Post subject: An impartial view. Reply with quote

I was very proud some time ago when i noticed a thanks to myself for coming up for the idea for CU, after creating a topic about it i watched keenly to see how this new empire would re-energise the sof2 deathmatch community. However, i feel a need to just bring something up.....

Clans United is not the idea i once laid out.

When i first thought of my idea and thought about making it public i had to remember and think about how the deathmatch servers i tried to hone my game skills on over the course of the past 10 years were, what made the game so incredibly intense, action packed and challenging and the answer was simple..........traffic and competition. You cant have one without the other, the two things rely on each other to naturally grow a server into the go to place for sof2 deathmatch players. In a nutshell that was my idea. However, what i see with Clans United now is not what the name suggests. The first thing you see when coming here at the top is the gametracker server watching things for several different servers, most the time you see the same thing i pointed out all that time ago that needed to stop if there was ever going to be new life in the sof2 deathmatch scene, you see 10 or so people scattered around the numerous servers you have advertised at the top.

In essence what Clans United has become is a vehicle that takes people back to the place it tried to leave behind. Clans United is not working. However, i have a HUGE respect for what has been attempted here. Im not entirely sure who was the one to be the first to put things into motion and start creating CU, whether that be wildchild, jack.......whoever. Who ever it was though i hold a massive amount of respect for because they saw a need for something different, because what was happening was not working for the good of the community.

There is only one way in my mind to fix this.........ONE SERVER.

Everybody needs to remove this need for individual clans, in a game as old as sof2 it serves no purpose at all. So you play the game not as Cake Dude for example but -ABC- Cake Dude. So what. What difference does it make. I have now realised this. Many years ago being in a clan meant something because there were the players, the servers to make it worthwhile..........there was more.............traffic and competition. So you still want scrims you say, easy. If there is one server, the traffic is more consistent and focused, much easier to split the teams, throw on some ctf or whatever and have a inpromptu match right there and then. So you cant decide which weapon mod to use, easy. Alternate between map cycles, days, weeks whatever. The better players will become better on each mod, less experienced players will gain experience on all mod types, it will give outside players who are unaware what is happening a chance to stick around and play something they like and feel comfortable with.

This is, in my opinion, the only way to add life to the deathmatch side of sof2. Take all the deathmatch clans still going today, its a guarentee that anytime you check their servers you will see 4-6 players maybe each playing, imagine how much more alive, exciting and competitive it would be to just boot up sof2 knowing there is a strong chance of there being a game victory waiting to be fought and earned amongst people playing not for their own personal ego, not for their now meaningless clan setup, not for the past apparent tension between themselves and another rival clan but just for FUN.

Just imagine how it would feel seeing a deathmatch server packed again and not because there is a special tournament advertised a month in advance, but because its how it is day in and day out. It seems to me more people spend more time talking and reminding themselves about past conflicts they have had with other people over the internet than focusing on playing the best deathmatch fps of all time, and then i talk to the same people and they want to chat with me about how things used to be all those years ago. Its very simple, we can all have a little piece of a dead land as individual clans or together we can all be soldiers of fortune.

I have played this game for over ten years, i felt a personal obligation to post this.

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PostPosted: Tue 18 Sep - 00:00 (2012)    Post subject: Publicité

PublicitéSupprimer les publicités ?
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PostPosted: Tue 18 Sep - 01:34 (2012)    Post subject: An impartial view. Reply with quote

Fair point Cake Dude,....from my prospective I would find it difficult to game in some of the servers that currently exist I jump into the BRP server and grab some games from time to time but have to deal with a 350 plus ping,....that doesn't bother me but if I was up against some of you guys in there or in a server with a similar connection then I would find it difficult to see that as fun.

The Skld Funhouse server gives me a ping of around 250 which isn't to bad but this isn't about me and I understand exactly what your saying and your right,....that would be the way to go but will that happen I'm not sure.

Good post my friend makes sense to me Okay

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Joined: 07 Jul 2012
Posts: 160
Localisation: netherlands

PostPosted: Tue 18 Sep - 15:20 (2012)    Post subject: An impartial view. Reply with quote

There is only 2 cu servers, they run from my home.
The advertizing is only to show wich servers belong to cu clans but i can remove that.
The one running everything here atm is me, Verocious, and i have had some help in the beginning. Jack made this forums and i run it as jack is too bussy playing mw3 all the time.
Not that i care about that but, he forgets CU and !BRP! and SKLD, this guy is in 4 or 5 clans and leads 1 clan, well leads nothing atm because i left !BRP! Just because of the reasons you wrote down.
I do not want a clans united dm but a allround Clan United.
The most of mzfit plays hardcore ctf, thats why i joinedup with them.
There is always someone in teamspeak or on tinycam we have alot off fun even without playing.
That is how it should be be friends in and out off the game.

Our founder is wildchild an im co founder, jack is too, but thats gonna change.

We have trainings every sunday cake always 18:00 pm eurotime uk 17:00

Dm is dying TDM was dead already IFM DEM is boring to wait along time CTF is the most played atm.

Do not worry about souls,
For they are easy to sell,
The devil pays good money,
So welcome to HELL!

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Joined: 18 Jul 2012
Posts: 16
Localisation: France

PostPosted: Fri 21 Sep - 21:27 (2012)    Post subject: Sunday praktise & ONes Clan theory Reply with quote

Hi Vero & Cake Confused
SOrry not to reply earlier - DSL was down for 4 days Crying or Very sad
First, it's nice to see someone is still taking the time & inventing something new for better enjoyment of the game Exclamation
Good Idea for SUnday and a chance for everyone to show their talents Arrow
m8s are in (at least 3). Are you goin to make an event on FB ? Playin on MzFit i presume ?

Secondly Cake, i'd just like to express my personal opinion on CU.
Like any newly created clan it takes a while to get off the ground BUT i don't think all (or maybe any) clans would be prepared to give up their tribe and be a member of one unique entity. It's like a bit like Europe ; i don't think all countries would give up their nationalities to be pure Europeans Rolling Eyes BUt if we did manage to do that then Vero Jack & Wildchild would be like European Ministers Laughing
Each clan has its own likes  Very Happy & dislikes Crying or Very sad and maybe dirty habits  Okay with favourite game types which wont necessarily mix too well with other clans.
That is an ideal perfect world which we should strive towards but i'm not too optimistic about that being a success.
Maybe we could judge by the number of people who go to the forum and the number of real enthusiasts for this wonderful game Cool
In the meantime, hope to see you on Sunday m8s for another killing session Evil or Very Mad

You know you're the best but there's always someone there to prove you're wrong

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[CU] Member
[CU] Member


Joined: 07 Jul 2012
Posts: 40
Localisation: Trinidad

PostPosted: Mon 24 Sep - 14:00 (2012)    Post subject: An impartial view. Reply with quote

I would simply say... Cake Dude is entitled to his own opinion. When I  was going through the day/days of conceptualizing [CU] Clans United, it did cross my mind that people would like to preserve their own identity and the work they put in  on a daily basis to preserve the well being of their own individual clans and servers.Therefore before me and verocious and the other founding clans brought CU in realisation. I made it my personal aim to put into the RULES a Decree as you would have it... THAT no clan should feel compelled to wear the CU tag or take part in CU arranged tournaments. However I could rely on the supposition  that discipline, tolerance and to an extent the compromise of CU members  was part of the reason that CLANS UNITED was successful.I am one of those that would put my head on a block for all the members of CU and try to go the extra distance to make everyone happy as with the case of MDK. What i've seen also is the maturity shown by the M8 clan.... a bunch of guys that never get deterred... dispite the sometimes poor turnout on the part of other CU members... The M8 clan continues to try to hold CU together by holding tournaments. This in essence is what i've wanted all clans to realise. The Clans invited to take part in CU were all very close to me and personally Ive been good friends with most of them. Therefore there is nothing I would like to see changed in terms of the formation of clans united. Now I'm faced with the dilemma of my colleague Verocious leaving... therefore I would obviously have to make some adjustments...I would be very grateful for any help I could get. Okay

Wild as the jungle itself!

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PostPosted: Today at 21:58 (2018)    Post subject: An impartial view.

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